I flew before I could drive
I yearn to regrow my wings
I have sports vehicles that are human-powered
I am not a fitness freak
I care little for TV sport
I fish only to sustain me
I have not caught anything in such a long time
I am so hungry
I adore the trees outside my windows and the life they attract
I don't shrink from trial or tribulation
I don't bristle at the small
I smile and even laugh in the nature of good spirit
I am a good soul and a creative
I listen and write and live and love in the way of a clumsy poet

I am not convinced many here (man or woman)
know what they seek, nor am I convinced
many even believe in what they themselves write,
and since I do, I continue to wait for one who does.
Then again, perhaps it's all just in the picture of me,
so do disregard the text I've written
for it means absolutely nothing to me
and I will wait for the one who can see.

It is indeed quite the economy of love
Where so many are looking to right-size
And I make my way despite this space
With a twinkle in the eyes
A smile on my face
And a life to live to love and give
– Clumsy Poet

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