I had been deciding on what to do with some of what I'll call my creativity for quite some time; years, I guess. Actually, rather than deciding, I just kind of sat on it for years. I had expressed it through past careers as a journalist, photographer, and graphic designer. I had even written a good many short stories and poems and stored them away on the hard drives of my computers. When expressed, my creativity has generally come out through the necessities of career and survival, and essentially nothing publicly through personal desire. A new decade demands a new beginning, don't ya think!

It all came to a head at the start of the 2010 New Year for reasons I'll not divulge here. That said, I do have a story to tell, like everyone else. I have had some good times, and the last decade was also a hefty collection of bad times. This, I think, is your story too? We all strive to express, and hopefully be appreciated for our expression. It doesn't always work out that way, and in fact it rarely does. In the end, if we could just remember how it was when we, now adults were once children, it would be that little bit easier. This site is all about me playing, and making castles in my sandbox.

As an educator, I've learned the value of this lesson. When done well, work and learning is play, and play is so much in the learning. These virtual pages are just me having a bit of fun with life at play, and at learning. These pages contain some of my reflections on life, and may include text, but they may also just contain a series of images. Some of what you'll find here is a taste of my philosophical musings, and some is rather sarcastic, maybe even just funny, if only for me. I have described myself in the past as a man of "good humour," and I've also stated that my humour is a bit like my back yard, where the weeds, flowers, flowering weeds and bugs are really quite stunning, even if I'm the only one to think so. Maybe you'll think so too? Care to join me for a smile?

– Clumsy Poet