Clumsy Poetry

It's what this site is all about!

OK, fine. It's not the nicest poetry you've read, but it does come from the heart. It's certain that you've thought some of this yourself, at times. If not, you'll gain some insight into how I think. On the other hand, maybe I'm just leading you on! Maybe you'll just laugh at my presumption! Maybe you'll appreciate. It's all about personal views on life, no?


X - 09:07, 03.26.2012

The Wood Duck's duck

You're so smart

Pray for play or play for pray

Economy of love

Shadows cast

A land's wealth

The Key


Turn I crank

Eyes of the Beholder

Stronger the shadow




Frustrating thing to think

A few feet

What's an artist

A thousand

Poem go here

Universal mysteries

Breath of a Tree

Life is change

Clean up

Seakayak Balad


Read and tossed

Human powered

Stone forest

I lik ur profile

Simple Life



I'll move in two


Sacred ground

Alpha Male

What kind of camera

Your spirit is familiar

Of frogs and men

Pursuit of happiness

Life is about

Philosopher poet