Your spirit is familiar to me
Does that make sense
Is it all just a cocktail of chemicals
Gushing through my head
Creating a connection that is fickle
Attachable to any face and body

Epilogue: It's a quote I spoke and wrote to someone I dated for a little while; a couple months, though she insisted it was three – it was a couple...

I had been struck by how much in common it seemed we had. It was always good and easy conversation, and there did seem to be an attraction. I haven't been in too many relationships, and the few that last any particular amount of time are a treasure, while they last. It would have been fun to see it develop further, and there were lots of similarities between us.

There were lots of similarities, save a couple: arrogance and aggression. After a while, I almost felt like I was with an abusive boyfriend or husband quick to temper. I was finding myself changing a lot of the things about me she didn't like, complained about and routinely criticized. I was taking care so much when near her not to do anything "wrong" that I was making mistakes that I ordinarily wouldn't make, wouldn't care or would laugh about when made. I was expected to change a lot of things that were intimately connected to the person I like in me so that I could be with the "beautiful woman" she said she was. I suppose, I should have been grateful.

Yes, there is a lot I can change about me for no one is endowed with that wondrous and ideal gift of perfection. However, change happens in beautiful tiny steps as we change and adapt to each other, with time, and without expectation. It's rather nice that way, I think, and it is how we truly find – no, discover that familiar spirit.