Beauty is in the eyes, much as in the eyes of the beholder
I'll not presume to be easy on your eyes
If you need your Prince, you'll not find him here

If you come here seeking your Prince, I'd sooner be a frog
If you like frogs, though I'm not talking frog's legs, I might like to be your Prince
If you kiss me, maybe your Prince I'll be

I am no schooling fish and instead do swim my own current
I am not one to talk the fishy words of fishers who seek to peek at fishie looks and snag one fishy, two fishy, three fishy, more
I guess I also don't swim as well as those other fishies, but that's OK – I've evolved and sprouted legs

I will not mate one who cannot best me in fair combat – I think
Read that I would rather be with one who can keep, and make the pace
Better yet, and less barbaric, challenge me, as I will try challenge you.

Will you note that I like words and the ways I can connect them
I know three languages, to varying degrees, and am trying to teach myself two others
(eyes on a few more, but two things at a time will do:)
Grammatically obtuse my words be at times, but I'd like to think with purpose – do read on

I am a European import from a way back
That makes me sound like a car
Please don't kick the tires

I am real, and I know the universe has one wicked sense of humour
I also know that the joke is often quite personal
Staying real when pranked by the 'verse and reality bites is the truest of reality tests

I am fit, my age and younger than my chronology, doing my best to stay so 'till very chronologically challenged
I seek an adventurous spirit with and in whom to get lost
There are so many avenues and locations to absorb life when lost and maybe you have suggestions

I'm not into organized sports, but I like my sports vehicles, with their souped-up engine
My bike fits in my kayak, my kayak on my bike, and my pack on my back, in the hold or on the rack
The engine is me, and soup be the fuel for my trekking

Scientists, via CBC radio, say that I am indeed an Alpha Male – nice – no wait blast – got to battle all them other Alphas now?
The proof is that my Index Finger is slightly shorter than my Ring Finger – checking yours now, eh
They say you should look for two things in a man; the index finger need be short, and the ring finger bare

Everyone's seeking "Mr. Right" for me, or "Mr. Attractive" for me
Gadzooks! I've got to battle them too
Bring them on one at a time and I've got a chance – en garde, Monsieur Right!

My brand of good humour is a bit like my back yard
It is so full of weeds, flowering weeds, birds and the bees
It is really quite stunning, even if I am the only one to think so

I love space, the life that inhabits it, and I live on a small patch of wood in search of a lake or river
Deer graze on my green, and woodpeckers and squirrels tear away at the wood house siding
It's a running battle and I'll maybe soon post recipes on a few strategic maples and my siding as deterrent

Are you any good at chess?
I long to play chess
Have not played in such a time, but I remember liking one piece in particular… it stood next the king, I believe

I've been wandering the "prof'isles" of this online supermarket for a while
If I actually did see you at a real supermarket, how the heck would I approach you?
Ahem, you know, that rack of lamb is 20 cents cheaper per pound at the other store... er, ah, yes, it's vegielamb.
– nah! I'd just freeze and stare at the jumbo shrimp –

I have been dropping breadcrumbs to lead you my sandbox way for so very long
It's a place where we could play, build funny castles and be as creative as we wish
The crows keep finding and eating the crumbs, which is why you've not found me; here's a try again

Epilogue: January 2011. Yes, it's a piece of another one of my online profiles; still seemingly terrible at dating, and still seeking after these years :-(