Soulmate from a Suss Date?

Many seek their "soulmate" right off the profile pic. In this online dating world, maybe it actually starts by first trying for that one sole mate instead? After many years, if you can still look into the face of the one who's so old, grey, weathered and wrinkled (and more), and after all the crap of life you both have gone through, annoyed each other, pissed each other off and have been disappointed by the other, you can look into each other's eyes, still smile and love the company you have been with, even lust for it (in an old person's way of course;-), that is when you'll be looking into the eyes of your soul mate; now that's beautiful. I seek that, and until I find her, I do seek my sole single mate. Then again I do think too much.

Epilogue: It is interesting how often I've met someone I thought was interesting. Most of these e-dates are supposed to last the length it takes to drink a coffee, or more potent drink. The theory is that you suss out a piece of the character of that person sitting across from you. If you find that person interesting, you meet up for a second date. A recent one of these suss dates started with both of us hiding our hands under the table.

You exchange nervous glances and smiles since you both are a touch shy and nervous at all of this dating stuff. You later take the initiative to reveal your hands and cup one in the other; you were conscious of how it started and wanted to relax the talk. What happens then when on that first "sussing" date, rather than a quick coffee meet, you sit across from that person for hours and hours, engaged in nearly unbroken conversation? Does that signal any connection, or even interest? Humbly I do think yes, but maybe I do think too much on things.

You leave that evening later than expected, and drive home with a smile as you think on and review your conversation. You had both agreed that it would be good to meet and talk again.You had both agreed that there was indeed an interesting connection on a good many fronts. Over the next few days you exchange emails, and then a little hickup and all is over and done. Email is such a clumsy way to talk, but some do make strong decisions based on it, without explanation; then again, maybe I do think too much on things...