I lik ur profile

Immature love says ‘I love you because I need you’
I have received it
Mature love says ‘I need you because I love you'
It is an illusive thing and I seek it
The count in the word does multiply, given the chance
Love, trust, loyalty, passion and adoration
Given the order isn't it nice when at times it rightly and simply turns to lust
I promise I'm not being rude, I'm just exploring the text you have provided
I explore that text the way this clumsy poet loves and ought
It would be nice to talk about it and more, given half a chance

Until then, it is quite the economy of love we're all in, isn't it
So many here seek to Right-size and still I track my path
I trek it with a twinkle in the eyes, and a silly smile on my face
There are things so very true of life, and also things of true life
Adventure, caring, understanding, learning, questioning,
observing, honour, beauty of mind-body-soul,
good humour given and received (and not just the funny kind),
courage, and I think I've missed so much more that
it would be good to talk about it all, given half a chance.
That part is up to you. But I digress. I lik ur profile, wanna chat ;-)

Funny! I read a dating profile from a woman who wrote that she could not see herself cuddling up to a "Renaissance Man," but that it was good to read from them since they keep her inspired. Unless I completely missed the point, it's as if she wants a man with compassion, but only so close as she can read his text. I had written the poem above before I read her profile (I should add that I sometimes write, rewrite and add to text and this piece has gone through a few incantations), and now I understand even better why I removed the top half (set in Italics). That part is written with respect, at least I believe it is, but the "lust" part probably is a deal breaker; it's an "I want it but don't write about it" sort of thing, though my use of that word is about as racy as any of my text has ever got. Maybe women are allowed to write about it but the men dare not?. Come to think of it, maybe clumsy poetry is all so, well, "euw;" have a poetic heart, but don't write it 'cuz it's syrupy. Still, I do call myself the Clumsy Poet, and poetry is such a small part of my text, treated much like a "sign-off" – what gives!

Needless to say, I still don't get very many dates at all through this medium and at this game. Maybe all the messages alluded to in those dating profiles are just too mixed. Maybe it's that I'm too individualistic, and I choose not to play the game as the site tells. Perhaps it's that most people on dating sites have peculiar expectations, especially when they get into their thirties and forties, a time when they suddenly regress and get reacquainted with their idealistic images of perfect matches they had in their teens and twenties, and I do make reference to this in the "Right-size" comment of my poem. There are so many on these sites that seek this "Mr. Right," or "Mr. Right for me," oh, and "Mr. Perfect for me," and I'm convinced it's all just different ways of saying Mr. Perfect, or My Prince. Would that were possible because then I could hold out for my Princess, who would always agree with whatever I said. Heck, I don't want that. It would get rather boring never to be disagreed with, and I'd never find out if I was actually right!

Maybe I think too much about this? Sigh! I think, therefore I am, and so I sit and I wait :-)