Gone Laugavegurin

Not gone yet, but I'm excited about the prospects this summer. A number of years back I promised myself that I would do at least one totally new thing each year. It's worked out better than that, and I'm off on my next adventure very soon, though it seems I will again be heading off alone (still happy). This time it'll be to hike the Laugavegur; check into it if interested for the place looks spectacular. By car alone, Iceland is amazing, though by foot it'll be breathless, especially for the photographer and the clumsy poet in me. I just read about a Swede who hiked through the interior over 17 days a few years ago. I'm jealous, and if it weren't for the fact I've already booked my ticket, I'd tackle something similar; next time. Pity this adventure won't be shared, but oh well, the trek will be beautiful none-the-less. I'm hoping the volcano that's been making itself known of late will still be looking for attention when I get there. It overlooks part of the path I wish to take, and I'm game to see it smoke. I'll be taking a break from this e-dating soon to prepare for July, so some time mid May will be enough for me, and I'm wondering if this online stuff will be enough for good.

There are few opportunities for a teacher to meet someone interesting in the real world, but I'm gradually clueing in to the fact that online dating poses a slew more problems making it even less likely to meet that special someone. Anyway, here are a few comments about and from me. These comments won’t be getting me any date of consequence, but since I haven’t had any dates recently period, not much to lose here (I’m open to surprises:)

1. Online dating seems much like a meat market. Most stand around and gawk. Some try the taste-test (just a nibble), and few if any actually care to shell out with time and beautiful angst to buy in
1.0.1 OK, maybe you disagree. What if most here are happy enough with their virtual relationships to not bother acting on potential real ones
1.0.2 Still not convinced! Well, my experience here has been "message sent, no reply, repeat steps," and I'm rather message fatigued. Feel free to send a message letting me know your thoughts, or if you're intrigued after reading all this my text. I will always reply to a thoughtful message
2. I am a clumsy poet, and I do know it – that I am clumsy – I am that clumsy – Clumsy, that I am
3. I seek one who disturbs me most profound, and know that may take some time; most here expect a disturbance right from the start (love at first sight, or even per profile pic)
4. I'll put another thought here later – I'm constantly reworking this blasted text to impress you, so let me think...
5. To those in the past I've contacted, who were instead looking for Mr. Right, my deepest apologies. I didn't mean to bother. I thought you were seeking Mr. Bright. (see #3)
6. Yes, I can be a smart asstronaut (see #s 1, 1.0.1, 5, 9, 10, and any other #s I've missed) when I wish to be, even if I may not be as smart as an astronaut
7. I know when to be a smart asstronaut, and really, I'm just nice
8. I'd rather start with my sole mate who has staying power. After many years, if you can both still look into each other's eyes when you've become old, grey, weathered and wrinkled (and more), and after all the crap of life you have gone through, annoyed each other, pissed each other off and have been disappointed by the other, and you've stood by and held each other when one or both needed it, you readily still smile and love the company, even lust for it (in an old person's way of course;-), that is when you'll be looking into the eyes of your soul mate; now isn't that idea novel and beautiful. I seek my sole mate!
8.0.1 I am an honest one, and you'll usually also spot me with a good-humour-kind-of-face on
9. No, wait, humour is not good in text. Funny is too close to Freak; same number of characters. That counts for something bad online, I think. I'm not at all good humoured!
10. Honest is not good either, especially if people must write to say they are honest. Blach! Cool is gooder; not so many letters. Heck, why else are there adds on e-dating sites begging you to date “Real Men.” Have you seen their pecs – I mean their pics…
10.0.1 Yes, there is the odd decent and honest one left, but that's not of prime concern now, is it… so no, I'm very rude and dishonest!
11. I’m Average build. Athletic? Maybe Thin? Shucks. Those terms are interchangeable here anyway, among other terms
12. I’m an anachronism… OK, maybe it’s not that bad, but I don’t watch sports. Is that bad? Do you think I need counselling? I assure you that I do like many other things involving movement. Try me?
13. My sports vehicles are my kayaks, my bicycle, and me! Oh, and I drive a Kia Spectra
14. I’m no Prince. I’m just a Frog. Warts and all; no wait, toads have warts, not Frog kind. Frogs have a bad rap for all the wrong reasons. Did you know that because of the nastiness in our environment (pollution in some ponds;-), us Frogs are endangered? Did you know that the Prince usually turns into a … ah, never mind!
15. Enough here write they don’t understand the purpose of “Favourites,” which I myself have tried. You may be right. Perhaps it is more fun not responding to messages than to Favourites
16. Beauty is the subject of all objects. No wait… Beauty is the subjectification of all objects… blast … Beauty is the object of all subjects … Beauty is in the eye of… no wait, it gets better… Beauty is!
17. E-dating is a game most would rather just play
18. Hamster! ... Not hamster brain – just hamster!
19. I’ll probably add a few more clumsy comments to my list before checking out. For now I'm open to have you refute, corroborate, debate my comments
– I am a strange one, or maybe just different, but I’m definitely a creative of good heart, and I'm taking my textual toys to go and play in my own sandbox. Check out my arts and writing site at clumsypoet.com. There, I’m unbound by the confused, and confusing expectations found in online profiles. I can poke the odd bit of fun at e-dating, and my clumsy space within. It's all in good fun, no one loses an eye, and it's from my (he)art. It's funner there (for me), and we can say we met in a sandbox, or if you prefer, at an art gallery poetry slam! Ya never know ;-)
It is indeed quite the economy of love
Where so many are looking to right-size
And I make my way despite this space
With a twinkle in the eyes
A smile on my face
And for things true of life
And of true life


Epilogue: May 5/10 - I wrote this bit as one of my last postings to a particular online dating scene. As of this year I started caring less and less about what everyone thought of my text, or about the fact that I knew this text would not get me any dates. I had been doing to online thing far too long and started seeing patterns in what people wrote. I was less convinced than ever that people on the online knew what they were seeking, or more precisely, that they were honest to themselves or others about what they were seeking. A case point, I sent an email to one who replied almost immediately. She had described herself as a geek, who loved her iPhone, and I mentioned that I too think of myself a geek who actually tethers his computer to his iPhone, which is how I was mesaging her. She replied the same evening; "no freakin way. I tether my iPhone too..." She went on to write that she had not yet read my profile because she was so excited to respond immediately but was definitely going to read it. I responded thoughtfully (in my opinion) stating that I hoped she'd still be around after reading my profile text (above), but I pretty well knew what was going to happen. Actually, I should probably have known better even contacting her, considering the profile pics; party type.

That second message of a couple three paragraphs showed "Unread Deleted."

Still, I am a bit the playful sort and I sent another message with the head reading "Rather proved my points. Have fun!" All I had written inside the message was "..."

That evening, the message showed "Read Deleted."

Hehehee :-)