So, all's done needing to be done, all but one
What be the one that be undone?
They all did say "but this is fun"
They all did say, let the right time come
When the right time did appear, a peep from none.

Normal duties did demand before
And these duties did multiply more and more
But sir, or madame, what knowledge from days of yore
At least we wish they did want for that lore
Alas, with us they cared know neither nor.

But soft, we care not now
We care not now for we've worked through the row
And that row did get to us somehow
This is why we do frown, and how
This is why I wait to hear from your sorry asses!

So, tell me! I did once hear mention of people showing up on my doorstep, but nary a word since. You'd all better hurry. Summer's short.

p.s. I just returned from a kayak/camping trek of four nights. Loons, hurricane-force winds, massive waves (at least from the perspective of a beginner waiting to tip), island hops, moonlit swims, the call of the loon and the morning serenade of a tiny bird. Oh, the stuff legends are made of, with pics enclosed.

Epilogue: When I was studying to become a teacher, a group of four of us joined forces and completed all our group projects together. One of our profs even referred to us as the Fab Four, a moniker we kind of liked and rolled with, even signing some of our projects with that name for him. Anyway, I would have them over to my house on select weekends, sometimes for fun, other times for work, but at all times to eat, drink and be merry. After graduation we gathered at my abode again before all had to go their respective ways, but we promised that we'd get together some time soon. You know what happens when people get busy with their lives, don't you! I rather miss those days.