I know when to be serious, but life is short not to appreciate the humour in it, so I find myself endowed with what I'll call good humour, an easygoing nature, playfulness and painfully faithfulness. However, life should also be lived and learned, so I'm introspective and adventurous, non-religious and spiritual, worldly and non-materialistic, complex and sometimes complicated like everyone else, but never simplistic.

I'm shy and outgoing, communicative and quiet, a bit the creative sort, sincere, happy, honest, and I may be misunderstood, especially in text, while I can also misunderstand. In this you might find me a bit clumsy, hence my moniker and my duel with perfection; en garde, Monsieur Right!

Epilogue: An exerpt from another one of those profile things I'll call postings, since I've updated them so often. I only added it to remind me of the duel I've yet to fight.