Final thoughts and the 10 Commandments of E-Dating as I have gleaned (though it may change with time):
1 - Get someone imaginary to tell you what to write about you (my cat will do nicely since I'm the boss)
2 - I want to meet lots of new people
3 - I want to meet someone nice
4 - Read delete, read delete, read...
5 - There's always someone better around the next profile (I wish)
6 - I'm just looking for Mr / Ms Right for Me
7 - I work out every day
8 - My family and friends are very important to me
9 - I'm gainfully employed and loving it... (ya think!)
10 - Obfuscate
Addendum to the ten...
10.1 - A modicum of humour is a necessity in the realm of e-dating. My humour is a bit like my back yard; the weeds, flowers, flowering weeds, and even the bugs are really quite stunning, even if I'm the only one to think so.

Epilogue: Need I say more!