They said that I could play or I could pray, which is when I chose to play.

Of course, they later said that play was but for child, and I should rather pray.

They said that play was opposed to pray, and it was then I grew to know better and I gave up my childish ways.

I now know that to be whole is to pray, and that the way to truth can be achieved only if you pray.

As I look up, and as I pray, I see the search and the sadness on the faces of the ones who pray.

They search for truth, for which we all pray, and it is so illusive.

It is difficult to understand how we could have lost our way, and perhaps that is the root of it.

It is much more difficult for us to begin to find our way when we get older, which is why we pray.

It has been so long since I have thought of it, and now that I think of it, I understand so little of it.

Then again, now as I look up at those faces, I understand that it is play for which I pray.

Epilogue: Did I say I adore the play of things?