Is the phrase "Mr. Right" code for a prince in shining armour?
If you kissed me,… OK, fine… if you kissed a frog, might it turn into a prince in shining armour?
If a tree falls in the city, will anyone slow down long enough to honestly mourn its passing?
If I shave my head often enough, will the hair grow back to the full and radiant blondness of my twenties?
Do people really want kindness and honesty, or do they actually prefer to be fooled?
Why am I here?
No, really! Why am I here on ...?
A few of the many mysteries of the universe I ponder :-)

Epilogue: Seek and ye shall find, though what ye finds is not always what ye seeks!
'tis another one of those mysteries of the universe, so it's best to keep one's mind open, I guess.