There goes my mind again and I fear I must explain and apologize. If I did not explain and offer an apology, it would leave things inexplicably complicated, especially when we meet for a paddle, or maybe at a BBQ.

I cannot not help but envision you pointing in my direction, waving your finger and saying "Lucy, you have some 'splaining to do." Of course, I guess you wouldn't be calling me Lucy.

So, I apologize and offer a humble explanation for any inexplicable or seemingly unapologetic words that may come forth now or at any time in the future. That's just so I won't need to apologize and explain them then, as I may be wanting to do. Of course, and now that I think of it, at that point I may neither want to explain nor apologize. Oh heck – scratch my apology and explanation.

I'll deal with it then. ;-)

Have an inexplicably unapologetic day and I'll see you later,

P.S. I'll send a quick email this afternoon to let you know if I'll be coming with my kayaks. It sounds like the weather's not going to cooperate, so I highly doubt we'll be paddling.

Epilogue: Yes, I do online dating; unsuccessfully to date :-(

This is a message, word for word, I sent to one date I was on I don't know when. I think it rather funny now, as I did then. Now that I read it again ..."I cannot not help but envision" ..."inexplicable or seemingly unapologetic words" ... does this even make any sense!!!

Sigh! I'm so clumsy at dating...