Long time no read, yes!? Well, I'm back for one last brief (virtual) attempt at finding someone who disturbs me most profound. To start, and for what it's worth, here are three of the most important things I've learned about internet dating:

1- It is good and right to have an idea of what you want and stick to it, but a lot of virtual space seems devoted to some rather unrealistic expectations which serve well to put one off the moment there is even a hint of something that falls just outside of those very expectations. It may be caused by a hair out of place, a misunderstanding, or maybe just a misinterpretation; what!? But I thought you were going to send the message when you got back ... sigh ... It's too late now, isn't it!

2- Thanks to some rather unrealistic expectations, serial dating seems the norm. I guess perfection is just around the next profile combo; Hmmm! Combo #666 caused a bit of heartburn, but maybe combo #777 will be heavenly. Oh, and hold the schmaltz, please.

3- Sometimes what (the one whom) you encounter will disturb you profoundly and fall outside your expectations in so many ways, and I'll leave the definition of "what disturbs" to your interpretation. Most will turn away, and sometimes for good reason, but if we choose never to explore any of what disturbs, we may never discover the possibility that it is exactly the answer that we seek; the sum of all things is equal to the squared route ... no, wait ... how does that go again?

Are you open-minded and adventurous enough to explore that which disturbs most profound, and is there someone behind that profile combo really!? Can you prove your name as something other than Ms.jpg?

With a (very manly) twinkle in the eye, and transfixed as always with life, universe, and everything,
- ClumsyPoet.psd