I have never been as smart
As those around would think of me
I try instead to carry my ignorance
With some intelligence



Epilogue: It remains a place of wind, rain, and little sleep for me. For a man of no religion, to be stranded with a broken car after coming down from a night's camp on the side of this mountain on a drizzly North Carolina morning, this was religious enlightenment; mind you, I'm still non-religious!

It was New Year's eve, my car would not start and I was stranded a couple nights at the edge of the bible-belt where the most generous retiree drove me location to location before she found me a bed at a religious retreat. The couple who ran that retreat, rightly probably thought me a heathen, yet they treated me as one of their own while I was there, and even stated in their prayers they believed me to be an angel, who didn't know it. I don't know about angel, but remember them I will.