OK, I'm a bit the creative sort. At times reserved, yes, and at all times level-headed. Maybe that doesn't translate well in my text, but I'm past caring. It's impossible to judge anyone by his/her text anyway, regardless of what anyone may say. I'll look through my little Thesaurus to find an interesting replacement for "mood," hence "tenor."

Make yourself seem level-headed, "eco-logical," new-age, very traditional, most sincere, awesome hip and downrightingest upstandingest caringest bestest single-sole-mate you'll ever find. Sigh! All I can say is that I was ...

Epilogue: Some on the online write lots, while others rely much on their images to entice another to contact them. The problem with the online is that it's so easy to write things one does not actually believe in, regardless of how much one writes. Mind you, I suppose it's easy to say things one does not believe in too.

Oh, and that "sole-mate" thing is not a typo. I no longer believe in the notion of meeting your "soulmate." A soulmate is grown with your sole-mate over a very long time, and you won't know if you've found it until you are old and grey, and after all that trial and much tribulation, you still look into each other's eyes with a smile. Now, sole-mate? That, I dig!