Dear You,

So, like you said I should, I fastened all that old baggage to the side of that oil tanker headed somewhere for the South Pacific, but I forgot to tie a sailor's knot! You don't think that baggage will come loose and sink, do you?

I suppose you and I can always go on an expedition(s), around the world if we must, to find it. We do like to travel, which is a bonus, and we can even hike and camp along the way. The water? You know I have a couple kayaks to use.

Now that I think of it though, I wasn't too attached to that baggage anyway. No loss, so let's just go on adventures and share some laughs along the way. This shouldn't be difficult since we are each happy with a rather healthy sense of humour. Naturally, there'll be lots to talk about, especially since we both have so many experiences and talents to share; you learn from each other, I'm told!

I imagine, at times, the journey will be tough trekking, but we're both known to be tough, patient, level-headed, creative and intelligent thinkers, so we'll eventually find our way through. I mean, we can always distract ourselves with a little play =-) ... I do mean that in a nice way.

Oh, and I have no problem if you want to explore a little corner by yourself. I know you're as honest and faithful as I. Heck, it's normal to just like some quiet time now and then. It's one of the many beauties and mysteries of life that transfixes us both, keeps a stride in our steps, warmth in our hearts, a smile on our faces, and it also means Chronology has a hard time keeping up. Let's make him work even harder ;-)

Now, where the heck did you put my backpack?!
– Clumsy Poet

Epilogue: A lot of people write of their aversion to "past baggage" in the online dating scene. This was my attempt to have some fun with that thought, while at the same time hoping for some result. I'm still looking!