Here we go again

I sat here in this corner – hiding?
Everything around me was falling apart. I didn’t think this space would change things so much, but I hid anyway, even if I could no longer remember what I was hiding from.
It could have been from the grizzly. I was walking down that wooded path, worrying that a bear could jump out at any time. It was such a beautiful sunny day. Of course, it would have to have been a grizzly that showed up in the distance, charging toward me. It was massive, and I looked from tree to tree, trying to decide which one I could climb. Was it black bears, or grizzlies that couldn’t climb?
I’m not sure what I was doing behind that wall, but it was enough that I was afraid. Things were happening that I could not understand and before I knew it, an alarm rang out. It lasted only a couple seconds, and then a voice spoke something, but I didn’t have time to consider what was being said before it happened.
The explosion was quick. Not much fanfare. There was this bluish light. Actually, there were three of them connected, floating past me.  Those blue, pulsating lights were always a bad sign — or were they? Harvey didn’t care; nothing was going to stop him from having that sandwich for lunch.
“What’s happening?” I asked, and before I knew what I was saying, I asked “what do you think is happening?” It was a rather peculiar question, since I was the one asking the question I was answering.
I walked past the outdoor café where I happened upon the two of them. I guess she noticed me because she quickly withdrew her hand from his. Still, she didn’t make eye contact, and neither did I.
I hurried along my path, too upset or too sorry to react. I had made plenty of mistakes in my time, especially with her, and was not about to rock the dream — her dream? Then again, rock it I did, or must have.
The German shepherd was a beautiful dog. It never even tried to object when his master put the lid on his travel box. As long as he had enough air to breathe, and I suppose there may have been enough, he was happy.
I looked down the aisle. All was good until the airplane started to rock, and then abruptly spiralled. It only did so once, but memories of the last time this happened to me raced through my mind — not again! The plane banked and rolled, and I knew there was a problem because I’ve been here before. I mean, I’ve been in control of an aircraft before, and this one was not behaving as it should. Did I say it only happened once?
The plane banked, and spiralled once more before straightening. Yes, here we go again, I thought before the plane spiralled yet another time — and into another dream?